Mother's Day Special

Cocoa Bar's signature Chocoholic's Platter is the perfect dessert for two: a rich, flourless chocolate cake, two chocolate patties, and a selection of six bon-bons. And next Sunday, May 13th, is the perfect day to share it! This Mother's Day, each Chocoholic's Platter will receive two free glasses of wine. A delicious complement to an already delicious dessert that mothers and others are sure to enjoy!


Springtime at Cocoa Bar

The Garden at Cocoa Bar's Park Slope location is open! Because the only thing that goes better with a morning Chocolatte, or an evening glass of wine, than the warm Springtime sky... is more chocolate.

Cocoa Bar Park Slope garden

Mother's Day is a mere two weeks away, and sunny sweetness an ideal way to show Mom some love! Be sure to make your reservation or pick up a box of our delicous bon-bons or one of our decadent cakes (as always, vegan options available).

Happy Spring!


Art Opening: Marina Korenfeld

Enjoy art by artist Marina Korenfeld and a complimentary glass of wine at Cocoa Bar's Park Slope location March 28 from 7-9pm.

Artist's Statement:

"The theme of self-introspection is crucial to my art, since I believe that only by delving into the enigmas of the self can an individual truly engage with the world and bring about change in a profound, meaningful way. 

Though I consider myself primarily a Symbolist, my art draws on a wide variety of mythologies, worldviews, religions, and literary traditions, both ancient and modern, ranging from Buddhism to Russian folklore."

For additional details and artist information, check out our facebook event page.


St. Patrick's Two-Days

Cocoa Bar will be having a $3 beer special on all beers both Saturday and Sunday!

Happy St. Patrick's Day Weekend!


Valentine's Day for Cocoa Lovers

Chocolate-loving doesn't wait until February 14th, and neither do we: Starting Thursday, February 9th Cocoa Bar is offering specials that will run through Valentine's day. Enjoy 20% off our decadent Chocoholic's Platter and two delightful, as well as complimentary, bon-bons with the purchase of a bottle of one of our enticing wines. 

 Both Cocoa Bar locations are now taking reservations for Valentine's Day and pre-Valentine's Day weekend. In the meantime, indulge in a box of Valentine's Day chocolate!